Artist Books

Making/creating is a link to a deep remembering of who we are. The objects are artifacts/residue of my process of remembering. It is possible that these artifacts can stir memories for others – not the same memory but the fact of connecting to our deepest self and remembering ourselves back into the Web of Life.

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Commissioned for Orion Magazine July/August/September/October 2016 “Whose Parks are These?”

New acquisition on display in Black Studies Department, University of Texas, Austin

Magician’s Toolbox

Foreseen & Foretold : Ciphers of Chance, Luck and Magic

Feast or Famine?

In the collection of Andrea Morgante

Log Book for a Dream Ship

In the collection of the Bhansali family

Home of Remembering

Dismemberment and Transmutation

In the collection of Emil Tsao

Magic, Medicine and Dreams

Bees Who Travel by truck

Featured in “500 Handmade Books Vol 2” Juror, Julie Chen

Divination by the bees

Rio Grande Gorge

White Ephemera