Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees is an artist/catalyst/guide who works across mediums, connections and social constructions focused on creating sacred space for deep remembering and reciprocal communication/relationship with Nature and the unseen world

Falling Into Language: A Travelogue, 2021, video still
Falling Into Language: A Travelogue, 2021, video still

Her work (performance, installation, sculpture, video, artist books) focuses on creative ways to evoke/invoke/provoke a regeneration of an essential relationship with Nature as a means of connection with the Sacred.

She is a past recipient of the Lila Wallace International Artist Award and her work has been exhibited and in collections is US, Europe and New Zealand. She is currently Artist in Residence in the Masters of Leadership for Sustainability Program at the University of Vermont.

Over the past 40 years TwoTrees has received and shared teachings with the input, support and guidance of many indigenous elders.  Through her work Practice for Living, Living Practice she continues to offer these teachings and practices  through divinations, coaching and in private and group retreats.    She has shared this work with individuals, communities and organizations (schools, healthcare, prisons, social change) as well as in cross cultural mediation.

“that room did not make me think “Oh, I’m looking at Kaylynn’s work”, but a sense that I was being transported to some other place, that was only peripherally connected to you as an individual. Like it was something you unearthed…and were then dwarfed by. “
– Kevin Donegan, Artist