A Practice for Living, A Living Practice

The teachings of Great Mystery, the Earth and many indigenous elders have guided my life. I continue to share what I learn from them through Living Practice by offering divination, coaching and retreats.  


An ancient gift of seeing beyond the material world into the real worlds beyond that can remind humans of our multidimensional nature. It is a gift that has been nurtured in me by my elders who instructed me to share it since childhood.  In this way I offer to “read through the veil” so that you can engage your deepest self and embody your gifts/calling.  Divination illuminates ways for you to remember who you are and encourage and nurture unacknowledged or undeveloped gifts. It can also point towards ways to interrupt/unravel the thoughts/habits/behavior that limit you .  

Living Practice  

Living Practice coaching sessions are focused on life purpose, creativity and awareness. They are composed of private phone sessions focused on creatively embodying and aligning with your gifts/ life purpose and calling. Living Practice sessions strengthen and expand your own discernment, whatever your faith, religion or spiritual path, and link you to Mystery and the flow of grace. They are a deeply spiritual and intensely practical way to nourish your life, your relationships, and your work. 

Individual Retreats

Living Practice retreats (individual or group) are based on building a dynamic and intimate relationship with both Earth and Mystery through contemplative practice in order to enhance personal awareness and a life filled with effortless grace and dynamic balance. They are intensive retreats, specially designed for the participants, to introduce and build a Living Practice.  

Each retreat is individually designed to remind us of our connection to the Earth and the Unknown. They help re-awaken the memory of ourselves as a part of the Earth and enliven our access to the wisdom available through Her.   The retreats are offered for those newly committed to spiritual practice and for practitioners who seek to renew the experience of rigorous practice.

If you are interested in any of these offerings please contact me.