“maka wicasa”

City College of New York, New York, NY 1989

maka wikasa

two cool two care

Performance Space 122, New York City 1987
Duet with Rebecca Perrin. Music by Glen Velez

women without air-conditioning/man with a fever

Queens Museum, NY 1985
A trio of movement, music and text using baseball as a metaphor for male/female relationships

women without air-conditioning

Diminished Capacity

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City 1985
An installation of sound, video and smell examining the connection between junk food and violence using two crimes committed 20 years apart and the different legal responses.

Diminished Capacity

….and he had six sisters (Part 1 of Nighttrippers)

New York Public Baths, New York 1984
Installation and orchestrated text for women’s voices based on collected wives tales and folk remedies.

….and he had six sisters  (Part 1 of Nighttrippers)

Civic Plots …if the shoe fits

Art on the Beach, Battery Park, New York City 1983
Collaboration with artist Jim Holl and architects Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofido– commentary on money and power in which the audience became the performance by digging up money buried in shoes in the sand.

Civic Plots ...if the shoe fits


Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City 1981
An autobiographical work that explored the relationship between food and domestic violence.