Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees is an artist/catalyst/guide who works across mediums, connections and social constructions focused on creating sacred space for deep remembering and reciprocal communication/relationship with nature and the unseen world.

Her work focuses on re-orienting to and regenerating an essential relationship with Self and Nature.  She is past recipient of the Lila Wallace International Artist Award.  Her work has been exhibited and is in collections in the US, Europe and New Zealand.  

Over the past 40 years TwoTrees has received and shared teachings with the input, support and guidance of many indigenous elders.  Through her work Practice for Living, Living Practice she continues to offer these teachings and practices  through divinations, coaching and in private and group retreats.   Coaching sessions focus on creative practices for finding and embodying life purpose and calling. The retreats focus on practices intended to rekindle the connection with Earth and Cosmic rhythms, cycles and patterns.  Specific practices include:  deep listening and multi-dimensional awareness.  The experiences are intended to support each individual’s unique gift, faith, practice and spiritual path.

I am continually renewed through the cycles and rhythms of learning reflected through nature in all moments and all forms.  I owe my intimate link with this learning to elders, teacher, friends, colleagues, and brief exchanges with fellow travelers – human and non-human.”