Adze Grinding
Traditonal Adze Grinding
International Artist Award
New Zealand

Earthtime Indigenous Cultural Exchange
Little Singer School, Bird Springs, Arizona

building a sweatlodge
Building a Sweatlodge
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Her approach to convening groups is inclusive, draws on the wisdom of nature, and allows people to bring their full selves into the circle.   The effects of this approach are transformative.  Kaylynn has the capacity to empower a group to create a powerful space for healing and forming deep relationships.”

- Matt Kolan, naturalist and educator



Practice for Living, Living PracticePractice for Living, Living Practice is born out of my passion for intersections where the edges of cultures, beliefs, practices and ideas meet. It is that passion that has been expressed in all aspects of my work and sustains my realtionship with humans, nature and the unseen world to:


  • Increase awareness of the natural world as a means to expand consciousness and reciprocity

  • Build capacity to utilize tension as a generative force for the well being of the Web of Life and the Living.

  • Expand our ability to see our own uniqueness, diversity, interdependence and ability to self organize in appropriate relationship with all of Life.