I am continually renewed through the cycles and rhythms of learning that are reflected in my life through nature in all its forms including humans. I owe my intimate link with the natural and energetic worlds, artistic discipline, passion for inquiry and knowledge of a relational universe to elders, teachers, friends, colleagues and brief exchanges with fellow travelers. Here are a few glimpses:

Colleagues, Friends and Inspiration

Leadership in Sustainability Masters Program/UVM

Wallace Black Elk

Hema Nui a Tawhaki Witana (Dell Wihongi)

Dr. K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

Dr. Robert Farris Thomspon

Senga Nengudi Fittz

Henry Drewal

Sarah Khan

C. Daniel Dawson

Dreaming Place

Debra Roberts Holybee Press

Matt Kolan

Carolyn Finney


Creative Expression

Burlington City Arts

Black/Land Project

Bee Colony Collapse: Interviews With Two Experts

Art of Latino Foodways 

Descansos for the Bees  

“Tasting Cultures: The Art of African/American Foodways”

New Dimensions Interview

Trail of Hope